How to get a new prescription

Ask your doctor to fax it directly to us at 1-833-MY-DSP-RX for Virtual Pharmacy, or to the fax number of your preferred DrugSmart location. Prescription refills can be easily ordered online or by calling your DrugSmart of choice.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What if I'm already a DrugSmart patient at another location, but want to use Virtual Pharmacy services? That's fantastic! You don't need to transfer your prescriptions to Virtual Pharmacy as all of our locations offer free delivery, online shopping, and virtual physician and pharmacist visits. Simply start shopping and you're good to go! However, if you would still prefer to transfer to Virtual Pharmacy from your current DrugSmart, you absolutely can. You will always be able to earn rewards at all locations regardless of which pharmacy your prescription profile is associated with.
  2. How much does this service cost? Our Virtual Pharmacy service costs the same as a regular visit to a DrugSmart Pharmacy. Shipping is free, we direct bill to all private insurance plans, and our dispensing fee is $10.99*.
  3. When will my medication arrive? We offer same day delivery within 15 kms of our stores for $3.99, and free 1 to 3 business delivery everywhere in Canada. You will see these options during your order checkout. Should you need anything urgently, please don't hesitate to call the pharmacy directly at 1-833-DSP-CHAT and we'll be more than happy to help. Find your nearest pharmacy phone number here.
  4. Can I order other pharmacy items? Absolutely! Simply add your over-the-counter items to your cart from our online store. Your pharmacist will ship it with your prescriptions.
  5. How and when do I pay for my prescriptions? You'll notice that we don't charge you upfront for prescriptions. This is because the amount you will pay varies based on your insurance coverage. Once you've submitted your order, your pharmacist will contact you to confirm your insurance details so we can direct bill for you and take any remaining payment over the phone.
  6. How do I get refills? When you need to submit a refill request, you can do so here. If you need a new prescription from your doctor, ask them to fax it directly to us at 1-833-MY-DSP-RX for Virtual Pharmacy, or to the fax number of your preferred DrugSmart. If you're having a hard time getting a timely appointment with your doctor, you can book an online visit with our Virtual Clinic any day of the week.
  7. What if my coverage is my provincial public plan? We can bill only to the Ontario public plan at this time. We can bill direct to all private insurance plans.

*You may be eligible for preferred pricing through one of our partner programs. When you create your account, please be sure to select which program you're associated with.

Virtual Pharmacy

Use the below for general inquiries and to fax prescriptions unless your prescription profile is associated with one of our retail pharmacies. We deliver medication and health products anywhere in Canada in 1 to 3 business days. Standard shipping is always free.

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