Personalized Fertility by Bird & Be

The future of fertility is (almost) home.

DrugSmart is proud to work with Bird & Be to bring you personalized fertility kits, delivered directly to your door. No waiting rooms. No pharmacy lines. Order a custom kit to test and optimize your fertility from the comfort of your own home.

Need to speak to a pharmacist about your personalized fertility journey? 

DrugSmart offers complimentary pharmacist visits via phone or video.

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This is a DrugSmart-certified service.

This service and its associated providers meet the standards set out in the DrugSmart Pharmacy Commitment to Care. All decisions and processes are guided by these five core principles:

  1. Transparent. Be open, be kind, be honest.
  2. Bright. Be positive, be creative, be innovative.
  3. Driven. Never be satisfied. Always strive to be better.
  4. Service above all else. Be a champion for your customers, your patients, and your colleagues.
  5. Pride. Be proud to #BeDrugSmart.

Should you ever have an experience with a DrugSmart team member or service that doesn't meet the above Commitment to Care standards, please let us know.

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